Shaarli configuration

Once your Shaarli instance is installed, the file data/config.json.php is generated:

  • it contains all settings in JSON format, and can be edited to customize values
  • it defines which plugins are enabled
  • its values override those defined in index.php
  • it is wrapped in a PHP comment so that its contents are never served by the web server, regardless of configuration

Do not edit configuration options in index.php! Your changes would be lost.

Tools menu

Some settings can be configured directly from a web browser by accesing the Tools menu. Values are read/written to/from the configuration file.


  • host: LDAP host used for user authentication
  • dn: user DN template (sprintf format, %s being replaced by user login)

Configuration file example

<?php /*
    "credentials": {
        "login": "<login>",
        "hash": "<password hash>",
        "salt": "<password salt>"
    "security": {
        "ban_after": 4,
        "session_protection_disabled": false,
        "ban_duration": 1800,
        "trusted_proxies": [
        "allowed_protocols": [
    "resources": {
        "data_dir": "data",
        "config": "data\/config.php",
        "datastore": "data\/datastore.php",
        "ban_file": "data\/ipbans.php",
        "updates": "data\/updates.txt",
        "log": "data\/log.txt",
        "update_check": "data\/lastupdatecheck.txt",
        "raintpl_tmp": "tmp\/",
        "raintpl_tpl": "tpl\/",
        "thumbnails_cache": "cache",
        "page_cache": "pagecache"
    "general": {
        "check_updates": true,
        "rss_permalinks": true,
        "links_per_page": 20,
        "default_private_links": true,
        "enable_thumbnails": true,
        "enable_localcache": true,
        "check_updates_branch": "stable",
        "check_updates_interval": 86400,
        "enabled_plugins": [
        "timezone": "Europe\/Paris",
        "title": "My Shaarli",
        "header_link": "?"
        "tags_separator": " "
    "dev": {
        "debug": false,
    "extras": {
        "show_atom": false,
        "hide_public_links": false,
        "hide_timestamps": false,
        "open_shaarli": false,
    "formatter": "markdown",
    "updates": {
        "check_updates": true,
        "check_updates_branch": "stable",
        "check_updates_interval": 86400
    "feed": {
        "rss_permalinks": true,
        "show_atom": false
    "privacy": {
        "default_private_links": true,
        "hide_public_links": false,
        "force_login": false,
        "hide_timestamps": false,
        "remember_user_default": true
    "thumbnail": {
        "enable_thumbnails": true,
        "enable_localcache": true
    "plugins": {
        "WALLABAG_URL": "",
        "WALLABAG_VERSION": "1"
    "translation": {
        "language": "fr",
        "mode": "php",
        "extensions": {
            "demo": "plugins/demo_plugin/languages/"
    "ldap": {
        "host": "ldap://localhost",
        "dn": "uid=%s,ou=people,dc=example,dc=org"
} ?>



These settings should not be edited

  • login: Login username.
  • hash: Generated password hash.
  • salt: Password salt.


  • title: Shaarli's instance title.
  • header_link: Link to the homepage.
  • links_per_page: Number of Shaares displayed per page.
  • timezone: See the list of supported timezones.
  • enabled_plugins: List of enabled plugins.
  • default_note_title: Default title of a new note.
  • enable_async_metadata (boolean): Retrieve external bookmark metadata asynchronously to prevent bookmark creation slowdown.
  • retrieve_description (boolean): If set to true, for every new Shaare Shaarli will try to retrieve the description and keywords from the HTML meta tags.
  • root_url: Overrides automatic discovery of Shaarli instance's URL (e.g.) https://sub.domain.tld/shaarli-folder/.
  • tags_separator: Defines your tags separator (default: whitespace).


  • session_protection_disabled: Disable session cookie hijacking protection (not recommended). It might be useful if your IP adress often changes.
  • ban_after: Failed login attempts before being IP banned.
  • ban_duration: IP ban duration in seconds.
  • open_shaarli: Anyone can add a new Shaare while logged out if enabled.
  • trusted_proxies: List of trusted IP which won't be banned after failed login attemps. Useful if Shaarli is behind a reverse proxy.
  • allowed_protocols: List of allowed protocols in shaare URLs or markdown-rendered descriptions. Useful if you want to store javascript: links (bookmarklets) in Shaarli (default: ["ftp", "ftps", "magnet"]).


Single string value. Default available:

  • default: supports line breaks, URL and hashtag auto-links.
  • markdown: supports Markdown.
  • markdownExtra: adds extra flavor to Markdown.

Formatter Settings

Additional settings applied to formatters.


  • autolink: boolean to enable or disable automatic linkification of URL and hashtags.


  • data_dir: Data directory.
  • datastore: Shaarli's Shaares database file path.
  • history: Shaarli's operation history file path.
  • updates: File path for the ran updates file.
  • log: Log file path.
  • update_check: Last update check file path.
  • raintpl_tpl: Templates directory.
  • raintpl_tmp: Template engine cache directory.
  • thumbnails_cache: Thumbnails cache directory.
  • page_cache: Shaarli's internal cache directory.
  • ban_file: Banned IP file path.


  • language: translation language (also see Translations)
    • auto (default): The translation language is chosen from the browser locale. It means that the language can be different for 2 different visitors depending on their locale.
    • en: Use the English translation.
    • fr: Use the French translation.
  • mode:
    • auto or php (default): Use the PHP implementation of gettext (slower)
    • gettext: Use PHP builtin gettext extension (faster, but requires php-gettext to be installed and to reload the web server on update)
  • extension: Translation extensions for custom themes or plugins. Must be an associative array: translation domain => translation path.


  • check_updates: Enable or disable update check to the git repository.
  • check_updates_branch: Git branch used to check updates (e.g. stable or master).
  • check_updates_interval: Look for new version every N seconds (default: every day).


  • default_private_links: Check the private checkbox by default for every new Shaare.
  • hide_public_links: All Shaares are hidden while logged out.
  • force_login: if hide_public_links and this are set to true, all anonymous users are redirected to the login page.
  • hide_timestamps: Timestamps are hidden.
  • remember_user_default: Default state of the login page's remember me checkbox
    • true: checked by default, false: unchecked by default


  • rss_permalinks: Enable this to redirect RSS links to Shaarli's permalinks instead of shaared URL.
  • show_atom: Display ATOM feed button.


  • enable_thumbnails: Enable or disable thumbnail display.
  • enable_localcache: Enable or disable local cache.

Plugins configuration

See Plugins